Montag, 9. Juli 2007

First Step

For us it is important that this new device should not be an additional thing that you have to carry around with you (because there is enough to carry: mobile, keys, wallet etc…). So we decided to integrate something into the building that should be helpful for everyday life.
First we thought about our target audience: who should benefit from that device/ building an and how could they benefit? There are a some people who are concerned with an university building: students, professors, janitors, chars, investors etc.
Starting with the cleaning personal we think about an economic improvement. The building could tell the chars where to clean. Unnecessary cleanings would be avoided. Students and professors could benefit if the building always set up a comfortable temperature and clean air. Furthermore a calculation of an optimal room arrangement would be an economic advantage. Small rooms with too much students or big rooms with fewer students would belong to the past. So the waste of energy would be stopped. If a room changed for a lesson, a color control system would help the students to navigate.
We (as students) are tired to death to change the seat arrangement at the beginning of a lesson. If a professor wants a special seating, well, he just could tell the building. The building tells e.g. the janitor to change the arrangement.

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