Montag, 9. Juli 2007

Third Step

For our final presentation we decided to focus more on the realization of the concept and less on the whole functionality (like multitouch-screen handling, voting for comfort etc). So we try to show how the tables and chairs clean the room, how they look like and how they move around (how moves table/ chair from A to B).
To realize this we declared the following questions (they are answered in the fourth step):
- Which problems could arise in the everyday life with these devices?
o How are our devices reacting to students while driving through the hallway?
o How many devices are allowed to drive through the hallway?
o How are the students reacting to the devices?
o What happens when a student tries to irritate a device?
- Where could devices be placed when they are not used?
o In the basement?
o In not used classrooms?
- How do the devices open doors?
- How should the devices affect the people in the building?
o Driving through hallway as a duck-family? (Table in front, followed by chairs)
o When a device gets broken: other devices will carry it?

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