Montag, 9. Juli 2007

Second Step

The intelligent furniture has the following characteristics:
- Mobile (it can drive around, navigated by the building)
- GUI (for interacting with the building or using it as a normal computer)
- Cleaning module (could displace cleaning personal)

Our idea: the intelligent furniture should be a table. Because the table can drive around the building can tell it where to clean. The surface of the table is a multitouch screen. The tabletop can raise and could be used as a digital blackboard. Professors can use it for their presentations. If the building decides to change a room, the tables could place themselves on the hallway and shows the students where to go (this will displace the color control system).
In class, students use that table as a computer – in additional the tables are connected. So they support sharing documents or give the possibility to vote for more brightness in the classroom etc.

Here are the first pics of the table:

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